The Dogs Are Loose!

It’s here! The Dogs of Beaumont Heights, Book 2 of the Holland Bay series!

The Dogs of Beaumont Heights

Special Investigations has gone from the department dumping ground to the mayor’s pet project. And Detective Jessica Branson is its star. She’s in the MPD’s good graces and living with her nerdy boyfriend. But the house she can’t afford except as a rental drags her down. The tenants from hell overdose and arouse suspicion on both sides of the law.

For Derek Roberts, it’s a chance to finally get rid of Branson, whom he blames for never becoming chief of police. For Linc, a street captain keeping the seat warm for the chosen heir of the city’s drug lord, it’s a chance to make a mark and maybe take the role for himself.

Yet Linc pushes too hard, harassing a rival’s mother and pushing Branson into fighting mode. Roberts pulls all the stops to finally reach his goal, but Branson has friends in the MPD. And every politician who wants to be his friend cannot be trusted.

In the middle of this storm, an ex-Amish man named Isaac dresses his part and quietly runs his junkyard. But he’s more than a dealer in used car parts. He’s the fixer keeping Monticello’s underworld from exploding. At least until the explosion suits him.

“Winter weaves a gritty tale of masterful urban suspense. No one is clean; everyone has a secret. Getting to the bottom of it keeps the pages turning.” -TG Wolff, author of the De La Cruz Casefiles and co-creator of Mysteries to Die For podcast.


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