The Dogs Of Beaumont Heights

The dogs are coming. January 16th.

The Dogs of Beaumont Heights arrives, Book 2 of the Holland Bay series.

Jessica Branson has made her comeback as a Monticello Police officer, but like all best-laid plans, there’s always a monkey wrench. In this case, the tenants from hell in a house she owns overdose and trash the place. Worse, a street captain named Linc tries to make a name for himself and puts Branson in the crosshairs. It doesn’t help an assistant chief gunning for the department’s top spot wants her off the force.

When Linc decides to use pit bulls from a fighting ring as guard dogs, the battle to clean up Holland Bay moves to the other side of Monticello and the sleepy neighborhood of Beaumont Heights. At the center of all of this is an ex-Amish who owns a junkyard. He dresses the part, but his real role is fixer.

“Fast-paced and meticulously detailed, Jim Winter’s spicy new crime novel, The Dogs of Beaumont Heights, crackles with intensity. It is part police procedural, part thriller, partly the story of Jessica Branson, a free-thinking police officer with a checkered past, and partly the story of Monticello, a medium-sized Ohio city struggling with gentrification and corruption at city hall. The Monticello police force is split wide open by in-fighting, even as it battles a large, well-organized narcotics ring selling death in the form of heroin cut with fentanyl. Mr. Winter does a tremendous job of pulling together the tangled threads of his complex story in a thoroughly satisfying manner. Read The Dogs of Beaumont Heights and Mr. Winter will have you coming back for more…” ––Patrick H. Moore, author of 27 Days and Rogues and Patriots

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