Jim Winter is the crime fiction name of science fiction author TS Hottle. He published his first novel as Jim Winter in 2005 with Northcoast Shakedown, the debut novel of Cleveland PI Nick Kepler. He also wrote Road Rules, a road trip from Hell.

For many years, as Jim Winter, he wrote short stories for Thrilling Detective, Plots with Guns, and more recently, the Steely Dan-inspired anthology A Beast Without a Name. His essays and articles also appeared in January Magazine, The Rap Sheet, and Mystery Scene. After taking a break to be TS Hottle and focus on SF, he returned to crime fiction. In 2020, he signed a deal with Down & Out Books to publish Holland Bay, best described as The Wire meets 87th Precinct.

He lives in Cincinnati where he works as a software developer and shares a Cape Cod with his wife, Candy, who is one of Nick Kepler’s biggest fans. Email him at jwinter@jimwinterbooks.com.

Photo: Austin Lovins
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