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So, which is it? TS Hottle or Jim Winter?

Photo: Austin Lovins
Editing: Li’l Miss Shutterbug

Why not both?

Because it just isn’t done.

It is, and I’m doing it. Next question.

Would you agree that…?

You politics suck? I am so 100% on board with that. Now, any intelligent questions? Or are we going to waste your time and mine here today.

Seriously? Why two names?

I wrote crime for fifteen years as Jim Winter. I thought it would help with privacy, but privacy did not need my help. Sales, however, did. So, I switched to my real name to do scifi since Jim is associated with Nick Kepler and Cleveland and crime fiction, not to mention bloviating on music.

Are your old books still available?

They are. Head over here for more info.

What happened to Nick Kepler?

There is a short novel in the can that I may combine with Gypsy’s Kiss, the novella I wrote years ago. It depends on how I want to handle that.

And your shorts?

Eat my… Oh, wait. You mean short stories. I will be rereleasing The Compleat Kepler eventually. A lot of that depends on my new publisher. The Compleat Winter will be rolled into a much bigger collection. I published a couple of short stories since that came out, plus I had the idea of doing a Winter’s Quarterly, publishing three short stories every three months. That fizzled.

What’s this I hear you doing standup?

Wow. That was, like, fourteen years ago. It died an ignominious death when it became clear that the successful comedian spends two or three years sleeping on people’s couches and living out of his van. I had a stepson and a mortgage at the time, so… You’ll just have to do without the Life With Jim sitcom. Too bad. I wanted Shatner to play my dad.