Hello, again

As a wise man once said, mesa back!

What happened? Crime wasn’t selling. I couldn’t close the deal with the last agent I talked to. Frankly, after fifteen years, I got sick of the whole deal and went over to science fiction. The sales there have been spectacular, too, but at least I was having fun.

So, what brought me back?

Someone liked Holland Bay, the crime “magnum opus” I worked on periodically over the years. Then I got invited to submit for a Steely Dan-themed anthology. Then I got lured back to Sleuthsayers, the group crime writing blog run by Robert Lopestri and Leigh Lundin.

And so, Jim is once again him, him being scifi writer TS Hottle, who shares Jim’s aversion to people referring to themselves in the third person.


I digress. So I am back. Holland Bay is coming. And I have new irons in the fire. So what will go here?

I dunno. It won’t be the old blog where I would post at the drop of a hat. I don’t think I even have the energy to do that anymore. But we’ll see. Crime fic. Music. No politics. There’s too much politics on the web, and most of it is dreck.

But let’s start out strong. How about some new Southern rock? The Russell Jinkens XL Band will be dropping their debut album next month.

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