The Dogs of Beaumont Heights

The Dogs of Beaumont Heights
Part of the Holland Bay series:

Fentanyl. The latest scourge of Monticello’s street. A detective, a street-level dealer, and an ambitious police official, it will weave its way through their lives and change their fates.

For Detective Jessica Branson, it makes the house she can’t afford unlivable and unrentable. When her tenants overdose, one fatally, her career teeters toward a crash.

For Marcus Lincoln, it’s the latest product, his ticket to the top of the Game as he moves up in the gang that still rules the city’s Holland Bay neighborhood. But one man stands in his way, and Linc holds a grudge. Between making his anger known and building his new empire, he finds himself on the bad side of the city’s drug lord.

For Derek Roberts, the drug becomes a major headache and a political football as he navigates between two ambitious candidates for mayor. But it’s also an opportunity to reach one of his longtime goals: Getting rid of Jessica Branson.

An imprisoned drug boss, a scheming council member, and a former Amish man running a junkyard complicate matters. But it all ties together when a maligned breed of dog kills a little girl in the neighborhood of Beaumont Heights.

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