Holland Bay Is Coming

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it finally has a cover.

Holland Bay makes its long-awaited debut on November 22.

Monticello is a dying Midwestern city still pining for the glory days of the steel and auto industry. For Detective Jessica Branson, it’s been five years in a dead-end squad where she’s stayed out of stubbornness. For Armand Cole, the only way out of poverty is the gangs. And the only way out of the gangs is through.

Yet a pair of murders and a new squad captain change the dynamics for both. Armand becomes a rising star in Monticello’s drug operation. Branson finds her career redeemed by the man largely responsible for her exile. Both will find themselves embroiled in a civil war among the city’s criminal elite. It will end in a showdown on the city’s dumping ground for gang murders, Pier Nine.

Inspired by The Wire and 87th Precinct, Holland Bay shows a world where good and evil is not limited to one side of the law, nor does everyone choose one or the other.

Coming in November from Down & Out Books!

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