I keep getting asked “How do I read the Compact Universe? Do I need to read them in order to know what’s going on?”

No, actually, you don’t. You can even pick up Suicide Run without having read any of the other novels. So what’s the best way to go about this?

By Story Arc

Chronological Order.



The Seeds of War Arc

The Amargosa Trilogy

The Homefront Arc

The Gathering Storm Arc

Suicide Arc


428 IE (Interstellar Era)

429 IE

430 IE

432 IE

433 IE

Author’s Suggested Reading

It’s best to start with either No Mariolds in the Promised Land or The Children of Amargosa. You can also start with Suicide Run and go back.

Once you’ve read any of those three, the author suggests reading the rest of the Amargosa Triology – Second Wave and Storming Amargosa. All the other novellas add background and color. Of particular interest would be Tishla, Broken Skies, Warped, and Flight Blade. These introduce the characters of Tishla, Admiral Austin, Lancaster, and Mitusko.

Or you can ask the author himself.

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