West Coast Crime

West Coast Crime Wave

Featuring Jim's short story "Bad History"

This collection of crime fiction by some of the West Coast's best mystery writers will immerse the reader in a rich palette of colors that paints a broad mosaic of crime along the Pacific Rim. Running the length of the western edge of the country from Alaska to SoCal and back, these eighteen stories make their setting yet another character in the plot.

Starting with a foreword written by legendary Irish mystery writer Ken Bruen to tightly crafted stories by best-selling authors such as David Corbett, Steve Hockensmith, Simon Wood and Terrill Lee Lankford, to exciting new voices from the likes of Scotti Andrews and Jim Thomsen, mystery fans will enjoy a collection as wide-ranging and varied as the region itself.

West Coast Crime Wave is the first in a series of crime fiction anthologies and other works published in e-book format by BSTSLLR.Com, a new e-book press founded by Michael Wolf. This anthology, edited by Brian Thornton, includes short stories from some of the US west coast’s most popular crime fiction writers.

Authors included in this anthology:

Ken Bruen (Foreword)
Brian Thornton (Editor)
Scotti Andrews
Steve Brewer
Bill Cameron
David Corbett
Ted Hertel
Naomi Hirahara
Steve Hockenmith
Thomas Hopp
R.T. Lawton
Terrill Lee Lankford
Doug Levin
Nick Mamatas
Sam Roseme
Karla Stover
Jim Thomsen
Jim Winter
Simon Wood


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