The Release Schedule

Northcoast Shakedown was the first of the Nick Kepler novels to be rereleased by Clayborn Press. But I will be rereleasing the other Kepler novels and other work over the next three months. So what are these other books?

JANUARY – Second Hand Goods

The second Kepler novel. Nick wants to go on vacation, but the night before he wants to leave, he hooks up with a sexy Russian woman who snares him into a war between Cleveland’s two biggest Russian mobsters. Two men want the contents of a stolen limo, but Nick will risk everything to get to the truth.

FEBRUARY – Bad Religion

Nick has been investigating Roy Sutton, a popular young pastor in a suburban church. But when one of his operatives, an off-duty Cleveland cop, is killed in an apparent hit-and-run, Nick goes on the warpath to find out what’s really happening with the Resurrectionist Church and its televangelist chief, the Reverend Calvin Leach. It leads back to mobster Nikolai Karpov, but the so-called Antichrist of Cleveland’s underworld could be getting played as well.

MARCH – Road Rules

Standalone. Mike and Lenny are high school pals who decide to pick up some easy money. All they have to do is deliver a classic Coup deVille to a collector in Florida. Only the farther south they drive, the more people seem to want the car. When they give a ride to a truckstop hooker named Cinnamon, they learn they’re hauling a stolen holy relic. Soon, the insurance company, the Church, and a god-fearing, coke-addicted Cuban drug lord are all gunning for the trio. It’s the road trip from Hell.

I’ll resume rerelases of TS Hottle science fiction work in April, then release Gypsy’s Kiss in a combined volume with The Compleat Kepler then a short story collection a few months later.