The OTHER Northcoast Shakedown

I make no secret that my real name is TS Hottle, even though Jim Winter graces the cover of Northcoast Shakedown. However, did you know there’s another Hottle who created another Northcoast Shakedown?

In 2014, my nephew, who was playing bass in a band called Tropidelic, came to Cincinnati to play a gig at the somewhat famous Stanley’s Pub. Outside before the show, he asked me, “So, would you be upset if I called my new band Northcoast Shakedown? It’s such a cool name.”

He needn’t have asked, and I promised him if Stephen King like publishing deals ever came my way, I would personally flog any big publishing lawyer who attempted to shut him down on trademark infringement. And, in the interest of positive thinking, I went out and bought a cat o’ nine tails to potentially cause misery in some future overzealous trademark lawyer.

Two years later, they had an EP out. And now?

Well, here are the glorious results of practice, gigging, and developing mad soundboard skilz.

Check them out on Facebook or at a gig whenever you’re in the Greater Cleveland area.

And Cincinnati and Columbus clubs, you need to book them like now!