Route 66

CC Sukuru

When I first met my wife, she told me she and her son – now my stepson – hoped to travel Route 66 someday. I thought I might go with them, but my job situation presently doesn’t allow it. Yet the trip is happening this spring.

My wife has decided to take her mom with her and her son along Route 66 culminating with a trip up Highway 101 to San Francisco. I will be flying out to San Francisco that weekend, then my stepson Matt and I drive back in a rental car. We’re doing Vegas, Salt Lake, Laramie, and Denver.

Matt has wanted to do Route 66 for years. Originally, he and my stepson from a previous marriage were talking about doing it, the other offspring-by-marriage having just bought a motorcycle. Alas, work and family situations pushed that plan off. But it’s my mother-in-law’s 75th birthday this year. The trip is a sort of birthday present to her. (I’m just hoping to make it to 75 without an oxygen tank or a walker.) There are a lot of sights they’ll get to see that I’ll miss. I won’t get to see the the Meteor Crater in Arizona, Car Henge, or the Santa Monica Pier. But on the way back, Matt and I will hit Reno, Hoover Dam, possibly Area 51 (the touristy stuff inhabited by UFO buffs), the Mormon Tabernacle, and maybe a ghost town or two.

It is the trip of a lifetime. And while I’m only getting the back half of it, it lets me see parts of the country I’ve only seen from an airplane. And besides, I’ve rediscovered vinyl. How can I not go to Haight-Ashbury while I wait for my family to arrive?