Road Rules – Will There Be A Sequel?

Road Rules by Jim Winter

When Road Rules originally came out, many people asked me if there would be a sequel. Let me take this moment to give a clear and unambiguous answer.

I don’t know.

I considered a few options. Do I continue with Mike and Sharon? To be honest, I debated about writing a caper about the newly joined couple getting into trouble as they tried to fit into Savannah society. But then I’m content to write about Savannah as a visitor (and some references, especially about the state of the Tallmadge Bridge, are pretty dated.) Writing about someone who lives there could be probematic, especially since I haven’t been there since 2006.

Another idea was to follow Stan Yarazelski, the hapless repo man. Stan is a stock Elmore Leonard character who bungles his way into various situations and just as easily bungles his way out. One could even see a Netflix series based on him. It’d probably be a great vehicle for Sam Rockwell. Alas, the creator needs to connect with him.

The most likely character to get a sequel has been Loman.

Wait. Loman was in that Escalade Stan drove off the Tallmadge Bridge (a feat no longer possible since I last visited Savannah.) Well, yes, he was. So was Stan, who finishes the book. So was Franco, who… Well…. Causes more trouble. We never find out what happened to the other occupants. It’s assumed they’re dead because I never show them alive.

However, I had this idea where Loman comes out of the Savannah River like some sort of zombie. He would go onto to become a legally dead hit man. If you’re dead, you’re off the grid. I even wrote a short story about him taking out a client who stiffed him. That may or may not end up in the forthcoming Winter of Discontent collection (a rearrangement of the old The Compleat Winter collection with some new stories added.) There’s a scene I now wonder if I should have left out or rewritten. But the idea of Loman taking advantage of his non-entity status intrigued me for a while.

Will I do it?

Who knows? With Holland Bay making rounds and a new Kepler in the can, publishers and agents may want me to focus on my fictional Monticello, Ohio more than some hit man thriller or a bumbling repo guy.