Road Rules Is Here!

Road Rules by Jim Winter

Road Rules has returned!

The road trip to Hell begins with a stolen car.

Mike is an insurance underwriter down on his luck. A stolen holy relic disappears on his watch, and he gets the ax for his trouble. Stan is a shifty repo man who owes his loan shark. He can pay off his debt if he takes a collectible Cadillac deVille to a Florida buyer. So he recruits Mike to help drive. They meet Cinnamon, a truckstop hooker who is anything but. She’s a PI after the car, stolen from her client. Soon, a Cuban drug lord, Mike’s rival at his former employer, and a Catholic bishop are all after the Caddie. Why? Guess where the relic is. It all careens from Cleveland toward a collision in Savannah, Georgia. It’s a showdown in the Garden of Good and Evil, all with a nod toward Elmore Leonard.

Available now! (Kindle, with paperback coming soon!)