Giveaway Ends, Road Rules, and… FREEBIES!!!

Bad Religion by Jim Winter

First off, we have a winner in the June Multigenre Multiauthor Giveaway!

Our winner is Bence, who received all five books and the $25 gift card.

Rumor has it the other guy in my skull will be taking part in a giveaway soon when one of his scifi novellas is rereleased. Stay tuned.

Are you ready for Road Rules? The road trip caper from a few years back returns this month with a brand spankin’ new cover thanks to Clayborn Press.

Road Rules follows two hapless buddies as they deliver what they think is just a collectible Coup deVille. Along the way, they pick up a truckstop hooker named Cinnamon and attract the attention of a devout, but murderous Cuban drug lord who badly wants what’s in the trunk, namely a stolen holy relic.

And the Church is not pleased with the situation at all.

Look for Road Rules in a couple of weeks in both Kindle and paperback.

And speaking of Clayborn Press…

Clayborn Press is giving away all three Kepler novels on next week ahead of the release of Road Rules.

You can checkout the entire giveaway here, or you can go to the books page. The free links will work for the duration by clicking the Amazon Kindle link on each book’s page. Sorry, we can’t do the paperbacks. We have mortgages, which we hope this free giveaway will entice you to help us pay when future Clayborn Press books come out. (See what I did there?)