Where the hell have you been?

A few years ago, I subbed my "magnum opus" to an agent on a now-or-never deal. I was tired of the grind of cranking out novels on spec, pinging agents, and not getting any farther than that.

So I went indie. I burned out on that process a lot faster, so other me farmed out his scifi to a small publisher, and decided to get back to writing crime.

So when do you bring your books back?

Watch this space. Northcoast Shakedown will return shortly, followed by Second Hand Goods, Bad Religion, and a combined Gypsy's Kiss and The Compleat Kepler, along with Road Rules and a short story collection.

Why did you come back as Jim?

I submitted Holland Bay (the aforementioned magnum opus) to a major house and got very close to a sale. I was informed that Jim Winter would have sealed the deal.

Are you still writing science fiction?

Yes. I'm completing the Compact Universe series as TS Hottle. That should be completed by the end of 2019. I also plan to write a prequel trilogy of sorts for a larger market.

Will Nick Kepler return?

I have a project lined up for 2019. Stay tuned.