Coming Soon

Gypsy's Kiss cover

So Nick Kepler and Road Rules are it, at least until I sell Holland Bay. Right?


I’ve got one new Kepler drafted and another outlined. But that’s not all that I have in the pipeline.

What’s next?

  • A Beast Without a Name – 13 stories inspired by the music of Steely Dan. Edited by Brian Thornton for Down & Out Books, this collection includes short stories by Peter Spiegelman, Reed Farrel Coleman, Stacy Robinson, and yours truly. My own offering is a tale of low-budget radio and family betrayal called “No Static at All.”
  • Gypsy’s Kiss and Other TalesGypsy’s Kiss is too short for a paperback. And yet I have a collection once called The Compleat Kepler. I decided to combine them into one volume for Clayborn Press. Look for that in December.
  • Winter of Discontent – A few years ago, I collected all my non-Kepler stories into a volume called The Compleat Winter. Then I did a short story feature on the old blog called Winter’s Quarterly, which I intended to release as a quarterly ebook. That lasted one issue. So I collected all the stories, dropped one, and reshuffled them. I’m targeting February of 2020. I’ll be doing this independently as I want to test Draft2Digital’s latest services, including their paperback service.