Northcoast Shakedown

A Nick Kepler novel

Northcoast Shakedown
Part of the Nick Kepler series:

Sex, lies, and insurance fraud.

That's what Cleveland freelance insurance investigator Nick Kepler finds himself up against. His day starts off with a stubborn worker comp case that refuses to close. By the end of the day, he's looking into a routine heart attack that killed a policy holder before he made his first monthly payment and the sex life of a rising political star. It all looks routine. Until it isn't.

The bodies begin piling up, and the cases all connect in seemingly bizarre ways. It could be that Nick's benefactor, TTG Insurance, may be at the center of it all. He needs to find out fast, or he'll be as dead as the hapless landlord who dragged him into all this.

Originally published in 2005, Northcoast Shakedown casts off the old tropes of the PI novel in a story taking place in the dotcom bust of the early 2000's. This is Jim Winter's first novel.


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