You've reached the online home of Jim Winter, crime fiction author and creator of the Nick Kepler series.

I've been quiet the past few years, but I'm returning to the world of crime fiction. Come check out my blog and my books, along with all the latest stories and articles I'll be publishing.

Currently, I am rereleasing the Nick Kepler series, featuring Cleveland-based PI Nick Kepler. I will also be returning Road Rules, an Elmore Leonard-style romp down America's East Coast that sort of blows up in Savannah, Georgia.

Keep checking back as more happens, or just to hear me pontificate on music, life as a rideshare driver, or whatever squirrel grabs my attention.


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The whole point of this site is that I write books about bad people doing bad things. The latest isĀ Bad Religion, about, well, bad people in a church. Wanna know more? Push the little red button to find out!